About Us

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Mariah, the proud owner of Riah Jane & Co., and I am absolutely delighted to have you here with us.

Nestled in the heart of southern Indiana, Riah Jane & Co. is more than just a business—it's a family venture that embodies the essence of timeless elegance and effortless styles in women's fashion. Our carefully curated selection caters to the modern woman who understands that fashion isn't just about standing out but about embracing confidence in her choices. We don't just offer clothing; we're here to foster a sense of community, weaving stronger bonds through the values we hold dear and the styles we adore.By combining the values we hold and the styles we love, we will create stronger threads.


For years, I pondered my purpose and dreamed of bringing my entrepreneurial aspirations to life. A pivotal moment arrived when my husband and I sat down, envisioning my dream and discussing the challenges I faced in finding fashion that truly resonated with my unique style. It struck me that to enact change, we must become the agents of change. And so, the idea took root—to establish a women's clothing boutique that empowers today's woman to embrace her individual style, all while nurturing a sisterhood of support.

I soon realized that countless women around me shared my story—juggling multiple roles and navigating daily challenges. Balancing school, kids, and a frequently traveling husband left me with little time to scour stores for the perfect outfit that mirrored my distinct style and everyday demands. The idea of Riah Jane & Co. was born from this realization in February 2022.

Why "Riah Jane"? Well, this special nickname was bestowed upon me by some of the strongest women in my family. It's a name that embodies the essence of the community we aim to create.

At Riah Jane & Co., our commitment to service is marked by integrity and humility. We carefully curate our collection, style, and even capture our own merchandise, ensuring that every piece reflects the essence of class and comfort for today's modern woman. With each order, we personally package and dispatch from our store to you.The goal is simple—I hope to provide clothing that makes you feel positive and confident, so you can face and overcome the challenges of everyday life.

"At Riah Jane & Co, we believe that every piece tells a story. More than just offering unique clothing, we are dedicated to creating a community of women who feel confident not only in what they wear but in taking on the world. Elevate your style, embrace your uniqueness, and let the beauty of self-expression shine through in every piece. Because true glamour is not just about what you wear – it's about how you wear it. Riah Jane is not just a brand, but a celebration of empowered women making a statement in style and life."