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Riah Janes Baja Blossom 9oz Soy Candle

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Introducing Riah Jane's Baja Blossom 9oz Soy Candle, a delightful escape to your very own tropical oasis. Picture yourself lounging under swaying palm trees, with the sun-kissed scent of coconut and a hint of hibiscus wafting through the air.

Crafted with care, this exquisite soy candle offers a unique sensory experience that takes you on a journey to blissful relaxation. The gentle flicker of the flame creates a warm and inviting ambiance, setting the perfect mood for unwinding after a long day or adding a touch of tranquility to any space.

Riah Jane's Baja Blossom Soy Candle is more than just a source of enchanting fragrance—it's a work of art. The sleek and elegant design effortlessly enhances your home decor, while the high-quality soy wax ensures a clean and long-lasting burn. Each time you light the wick, you'll be greeted by the captivating scent that brings a piece of paradise right to your doorstep.

Candle Care and Instrutions:
Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. Keep was free of any foreign debris. Never burn more than 4 hours. Keep away from drafts. Discontinue use when only 1/2 inch of wax remains.

*Hand Poured in Bowdon,GA*

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