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Riah's Baja Blossom Roller Perfume

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Introducing Riah Jane & Co's Roller Ball Perfume, the epitome of subtle sophistication. Crafted in a convenient 10 ml size, it's your perfect companion for on-the-go moments, fitting seamlessly into your purse, clutch, or pocket. With its compact design, you can easily reapply throughout the day, ensuring a lasting fragrance experience that keeps you feeling fresh and confident.

Baja Blossom:
Escape to a tropical paradise with the harmonious blend of hibiscus, coconut, and sandalwood.

How to Apply:

  • Post-Shower Application: Enhance absorption by applying after showering when your pores are open, amplifying the scent's longevity.
  • Pulse Point Perfection: Target pulse points such as wrists, collarbones, behind ears/neck area, inner elbows, and back of the knee for a captivating aroma that evolves with your body's movement.
  • Extended Wear: Experience 4+ hours of continuous fragrance with just one application, keeping you enveloped in an aura of elegance all day long.

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